Ouya Games Preview
5/20/2013 by Dave Schrader

When the Ouya kickstarter was announced last June I had just started my own game company, Schrader Heavy Industries. I had always wanted to try out video game development, so I backed the campaign at the “Developer Special” level, which would get me a development kit months before the system launched to the public. My company’s first product, a tabletop role playing game called Light Weight RPG, was successful, but didn’t allow for enough time to create an Ouya launch title. So, I am putting the dev kit to use and letting everyone know the games (and apps) I am most excited about so far. These are all games that I’ve been playing for the last 5 weeks. I have 20 - 30 downloaded to my system, and these are the ones I keep coming back to the most.

I am only covering applications that are currently available from the Ouya store. That said, you are able to load any Android application you like onto the system and the controller’s touchpad will make any of these apps serviceable. If you have a question about a specific app/game, ask it in the comments below.

Thank you to TotalOuya.com for providing the images for this article.

Showpiece Games

These games look nice. Hardware-wise, the Ouya is as powerful as a Wii or PS2, but can output 1080p video. The end result is promising considering these are first generation games. Every game on the Ouya has a free demo, so even if you don't enjoy these games you can keep the demo on your system and show off the system specs.

The Ball
Tripwire Interactive

Flashout 3D
Jujubee S.A

Beast Boxing Turbo
Goodhustle Studios, Inc


I am fortunate enough to have a media PC. Even then, I am hoping that the Ouya can replace my video-watching needs as a smaller, quieter substitute. The first official app, Twitch.tv, is incredible if you enjoy watching competitive video gaming (which I do). If you don't own a media PC or streaming box, keep an eye on the list of supported media apps.



This is why I bought an Ouya-- to sit in front of a TV with my friends and play games. All three of these are a "must try". Bombsquad even supports up to 8 players by using PS3 controllers, Xbox controllers, phones and tablets!

Jacob Korsgaard

Eric Froemling

No Brakes Valet
Captain Games

Better with a Controller

While it's true that many of the launch titles are ports of mobile and flash games, the good thing is that these games play better with a controller. Most people haven't played everything available on Greenlight, Flash, and mobile, so there should be some good "new to you" titles even among the ports.

League of Evil
Noodlecake Studios

Knightmare Tower
Juicy Beast Studio


Possibly, the killer app of the Ouya is the ability to emulate older consoles and play them on a TV again. I bought a low profile USB stick just for ROMs and it now lives in my Ouya. The EMUya and Snes9x perfectly emulate the NES and SNES, respectively. Mupen (Nintendo 64) is a little rough around the edges, but most games run fine on it.


Snes9x EX Plus
Robert Broglia

Mupen64Plus AE (N64 Emulator)
Paul Lamb

The Best Is Yet to Come

Some of the games in the store are demos, and have me incredibly excited about what is to come!

Helium Interactive LLC

Fist of Awesome
I Fight Bears

Other Resources

I follow a lot of websites and news sources to keep up to date with the Ouya. These four are the most prominent:

ouya.tv The official Ouya website, with the official Ouya blog and developer forum.

ouyaforum.com The x-large Ouya-dedicated forum. Lots of good articles, reviews and information.

totalouya.com A news site. It has a list of apps and games that is updated several times a day. So, you can check out what's new or if your favorite game has been updated.

r/ouya If you follow one source, make it reddit, as it aggregates the other sites anyway.

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